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Counseling for Teens & Twenties
In person in Tampa or online anywhere in Florida 

Therapy for highly driven & deeply sensitive young women who want to embrace their confidence & connect to their inner strength. 


You might be feeling more emotional lately, but you’ve always known you were a deep feeler.  You're not sure if you're actually depressed… but you know you want to feel better than this. 

Wherever you are in life- navigating through college or starting your career path- you may be feeling uncertain about what lies ahead. This uncertainty keeps your mind constantly racing. But when you try to distract yourself it feels like you’re just getting further away from your goals. 

 The way we talk to ourselves can be harsh and the expectations we set for ourselves can be high. I love watching how the quest for perfection becomes the journey towards self-acceptance as the young women I work with find more freedom and discover their authentic selves.


Where to Start

I'm ashley

When you walk into my office or open that video session, my goal is that you can breath a sigh of relief. This time is about you.


I offer a non-judgmental space where there is freedom to breakdown and be vulnerable. You're looking for more than just fluff or surface level advice and let's be honest, the last thing you need is more to add to your to-do list.  There will be laughing, most likely crying, and hopefully a sense of clarity as we dive deep into your concerns. I'm here to support you along your journey to building a more satisfying and fulfilling life. 


I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and I enjoy helping women figure out that they ultimately have everything they need within themselves. When I'm not at the office you can find me keeping up with my two boys (age 3 and 1), drinking coffee, cooking, or cuddling with my pugs, Beans & Bug.

About Me
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In person in Tampa or online anywhere in Florida.

Give me a call 813-390-3001 or email or fill out the contact form below.

13919 Carrollwood Village Run Suite 2

Tampa, Florida 33618

Phone: (813) 390-3001

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