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Anxiety & Depression

  • As a teen girl, you've always known you were sensitive and may even describe yourself as an empath or an introvert. Recently, those emotions have started to feel overwhelming.

  • You've probably been the one your friends ask for advice, but now you find yourself needing someone to support you.

  • It's getting harder to keep up with school and activities because you just don't feel as motivated as you used to.

  • Friendships are getting more complicated and dating is a whole other monster.

  • You’re ready to discover who you are and find your voice!


  • As a parent, you know your teen has always been sensitive, but lately she doesn't seem like herself.

  • You see your daughter's potential and just want her to gain her confidence back.

  • You want her to learn how to navigate the tough emotions and find her strength.

  • You want her to have healthy relationships and feel that she can voice her truth.

    How I help:
    Learn skills to manage difficult emotions
    Express your feelings in a non judgmental setting
    squash negative thinking patterns

    Develop healthy boundaries with others
    Learn about your unique personality type and Improve your self esteem

    My goal is to help you learn how to cope in the short term and ultimately get to the deeper meaning for long term change and improved self esteem.

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