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Anxiety & Depression

I love working with twenty something’s who:

  • You are driven & accomplished & definitely a bit of a perfectionist.

  • You love hard, have a lot of empathy, & feel things deeply.

  • Others may tell you that you are too hard on yourself, but you still don't feel like you're where you should be in life.

  • Some days you feel stressed out. Some days you feel down. You’re starting to worry that you actually might be depressed or have anxiety. 

  • You strive for a fulfilling career and more satisfying relationships (also what we like to glorify as “balance”)

  • Maybe you don't feel as much energy as you used to, you're oversleeping (or tempted to), or finding yourself feeling emotionally numb.

  • You’ve tried to think more positive, do more self care, or get a new hobby but still find yourself struggling.

    My goal is to help you manage the discomfort in the short term and ultimately get to the deeper meaning  for long term relief & freedom to be your authentic self. We do this through a combination of emotion regulation techniques & an insight oriented approach to therapy to facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself & what you need. 

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