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Anxiety & Depression

  • Some days you feel stressed out. Some days you feel down. You aren't sure if you're actually depressed or anxious, but you know you want to feel better than this.

  • You want a fulfilling career and more satisfying relationships.

  • Others may tell you that you are too hard on yourself, but you still don't feel like you're where you should be in life.

  • Maybe you don't feel as much energy as you used to, you're oversleeping (or tempted to), or finding yourself feeling emotionally numb.

  • Do thoughts about your past tend to cloud your thinking about your future?

  • Are you tired and frustrated by trying to think more positive but it's just not enough?

    If you're feeling guilty for needing helping help- i won't judge you, because I've been you.
     Most of my clients come to me feeling mentally exhausted and overwhelmed. My goal is to help you manage the discomfort in the short term and ultimately get to the DEeper meaning for long term relief.

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